Childcare During Programming


Childcare for infants and toddlers is available during Sunday Services in our nursery on the lower level. One of our ushers will be glad to direct you there!

For those parents who want to listen to Sunday Service but don’t want to be separated from their little ones, the Adlai Stevenson Parlor broadcasts the service as it happens. One of our ushers will be happy to direct you.


First Church frequently offers childcare to participating parents for children ages 10 and under during church-sponsored activities and events. Parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our procedures before such events:

  • Please walk your children to the child care room, and introduce yourself and your children to the care providers. This is especially important if a meal is being served to both children and adults Chalk Chalice.jpgtogether before an event begins.
  • Please sign-in your child and note any special conditions (allergies, seizures, behavior issues, etc) your child has on the sign-in sheet. Also, please review these special conditions verbally with the childcare provider on duty.
  • You will be asked to leave a cell phone number, if you have one, in case of an emergency. Please turn your phone to “vibrate” mode.
  • Please provide the necessary supplies to properly take care of an infant (diapers, bottles, etc).
  • Please make sure that your younger children have used the rest room right before the session.
  • Children are to stay in the child care room after they are signed in for childcare, unless they are accompanied by a care provider; older children will be allowed to leave the Child Care room to use the rest room.
  • Parents will be contacted if Child Care Providers have any concerns that they are not able to manage themselves (health issues, serious behavior problems, serious separation problems).
  • Please be prompt in picking up your child at the designated time, and sign out your child before you leave.
    IMPORTANT: If you have reserved childcare in advance and find that it is either unnecessary or that you will not be participating after all, PLEASE do contact the event organizer to let them know. We have a limited budget, and child care providers who come for a designated event are paid even if children do not show up. We appreciate your consideration!