Welcome to Our Downtown Milwaukee Church

Welcome to Our Downtown Milwaukee Church

Join the conversation! Visit our conveniently located downtown Milwaukee church and see what we’re all about. | Photo: Russ Behler

We Welcome You!

We are your local downtown Milwaukee church, and we are happy to have you! Becoming a member of First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee is a process, not an event. It’s a good idea to attend worship services for a few months in order to get to know the nature of the community, the theology and the background of Unitarian Universalism before becoming a church member.  Membership is a sacred and transformative process, and members are asked to participate in church life as fully as possible by carrying out our shared mission: Nurture the Spirit, Engage the Mind, Inspire Action.

Some people choose to make this their church home by making a financial pledge of support, getting involved in many activities, but never becoming a formal member. You do not need to be a member to attend worship services or participate in Religious Education or any number of church activities. Other people feel it is important to create a formal relationship that affirms their liberal religious values and principles by becoming a member.

To become a church member, our church by-laws require you attend the Journey to Membership classes, sign our Membership Book and make a pledge of financial support.  Our church is self-sustaining and all members contribute time, talent and treasure by attending services, volunteering and becoming engaged in the many ongoing activities we offer. While the amount of your pledge is a personal decision, we hope new members will choose to pledge 5% of their income or give serious consideration to a plan to reach 5% level in 5 years. If your financial situation makes any contribution impossible, you may make a confidential request for a waiver from Membership Development Coordinator Cheri Taylor. More information on pledging is given during the Journey to Membership series as well as the individual “Get to Know You” meetings during the membership process.

Once an individual determines this is the right church home for them, the steps to membership are threefold:

  • The first step is to register for the Journey to Membership classes.  This can be done by contacting Cheri at cheri.taylor[at]uumilwaukee[dot]org and completing the Intent to Join Form. You can also register after any Worship Service by visiting the Members Services table during our Sunday Coffee Hour.
  • The second step is to meet with Membership Development Coordinator Cheri Taylor or the Membership Committee member so that we can get to know you, answer your questions and explain the privileges and responsibilities of membership. This half-hour conversation can be arranged to fit your schedule.
  • The last step is in the form of attending the actual Journey to Membership series.  The series consists of classes, either on 4 weeknight classes, or all day Saturday class followed by a weeknight class.  The series ends with completing your pledge form.  A pledge must be turned in during this last step.  After all the paperwork is completed, there is a small private ceremony in which the Membership Book is signed.

Read about our Newcomer Next Steps! Or contact Cheri today to join.