Citizens of Milwaukee: A Blog for First Church: 175th Anniversary

First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee Building Front

A Great Influence on the Thought and Life of the People Citizens of Milwaukee: A Blog for First Church: 175th Anniversary Jim Marten Since August we’ve been commemorating, celebrating, and reflecting on our congregation’s 175th anniversary.  Somewhat forgotten is the fact that this spring marks the 125th anniversary of our church building.  Although there have been hard times […]

The Day My Life Changed Forever…

William Metcalf

  By Kim Schutte Holbrook On a beautiful summer day in 2015, here in the Twin Cities, while sitting at my kitchen table I picked up my latest copy of the Wisconsin Magazine of History when a name on the cover caught my eye – “William (H.) Metcalf”… A name from my father’s family – in […]

Citizens of Milwaukee: Starting Over, Again


By Jim Marten, 175th Anniversary Team Member and Chair of Marquette University’s History Department Megan Marshall began last month’s Morter Lecture with reflections on Margaret Fuller’s journey to the Great Lakes in 1843.  The West, including Milwaukee, inspired Fuller to think about herself in new ways, to better understand certain things about herself.  Perhaps it […]

Oct. 2016 Stewardship Moment

By Lisa Koneazny, Stewardship Team Member   New beginnings, and celebrations of our 175th anniversary, are already filling this church year with excitement. The vesper service in late August marked the first gathering of Milwaukeeans interested in starting our church. Their desire to act and the commitment of the many church members that followed, has […]

2016 Annual Irma Morter Lecture: October 9 In Celebration of our 175th Anniversary

Annual Irma Morter Lecture “Fullness of Being: Margaret Fuller & Transcendental ‘Self-Dependence’” 1:00 p.m. Sunday, October 9 Join us to welcome Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Megan Marshall, author of Margaret Fuller: A New American Life. Ms. Marshal will review the life of Margaret Fuller, a passionate and outspoken, adventurous Unitarian woman of the early– to mid–19th century. Margaret […]

Citizens of Milwaukee: Pleasant People Drawn Together


By Jim Marten   In 1843, the radical Unitarian reformer, activist, and writer Margaret Fuller took a summer vacation to the Great Lakes. This was unusual in and of itself—Wisconsin was not yet a state, the first generation of pioneers had not yet pushed all of the Native Americans out of southeastern Wisconsin, and travel […]