An Update From Our Immigration Issues Action Group

By Kitty Wilkomm and Lorraine Jacobs, Co-Chairs We offer opportunities to deepen everyone’s understanding regarding immigrant and refugee experiences. Sanctuary Discernment news and schedules are posted on the church bulletin board in the hallway, under the “Sanctuary Discernment at First Church” section, posted on an easel display, and at the Social Justice Table during coffee […]

All About Youth…

By Deb Solis, Youth Program Coordinator As T.S. Eliot said, and that is how our YRUU youth group at First Church is starting the new church year. In August, eight of us gathered for our annual Youth Steering Committee retreat and some exciting ideas and opportunities surfaced in our discussions. Our youth will definitely be […]

Reflections on the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly 2017

By Bruce Wiggins, Denominational Affairs Coordinator This year, for the first time anyone can remember at First Church, we had a full slate of 16 member delegates to conduct our association’s business at General Assembly (GA). Eleven attended GA in New Orleans while five were off-site delegates. Janet Nortrom, who attended in person, shares her […]

Special Welcome Mats

Pride Welcome Mat

By Lynne Jacoby, Membership Development Coordinator Years ago when my parent’s little Congregational church in Vermont was struggling to become a ‘Welcoming and Affirming Congregation’ my parents came down on different sides of the issue. My mom (who my wife used to point out was a fierce protector of her children) was disgusted the community […]

Feast for Funds Is Coming!

Feast for Funds

By Lynne Jacoby, Membership Development Coordinator The fundraiser in which First Church members welcome each other into their homes, interests, or passions is just around the corner. We asked Debra Pyne and Merci Duffy for their story on hosting an ‘Art Dinner’ and here’s Debra’s take.  “Merci came up with creating a dinner party with […]

UU Latinx DACA statement


To our Unitarian Universalist siblings,                                                         Sept. 6, 2017 Spirit of Life, Love and Justice we are hurting. We feel betrayed by the United States government and the people who support the current administration. We are […]

Children & Youth to Join Us Weekly In Worship

By Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education Communal worship is the central spiritual practice of Unitarian Universalism and is an integral part of our spiritual growth as human beings. Sunday mornings provide us with a unique opportunity to come together as a community, to help our young people learn what it means to grow as […]

Words on the Wind…

by the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Welcome in to the 2017-18 church year! In reflecting on “welcome,” I learned the root of the word dates back to Old English words linking “pleasure” and “guest.” It originally meant “to receive someone with pleasure.” I like thinking about welcome as an expression of pleasure at another’s presence, so […]