Facing Risk


By Julie Bock, President of the Congregation   Often when we are faced with taking a risk we have a visceral reaction: our heart rate increases, we become hyper aware, and our breathing increases. People then ascribe meaning to those reactions, either excitement or fear. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary risk is defined as: the […]

RE-Flections: Children and Youth Vote for the May Share the Plate Recipient on April 2!

Share the Plate

By Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education Share the Plate is a bold program of radical generosity. Giving away 50% of our weekly collection allows our church community to significantly deepen our social justice mission by connecting us to the people and organizations that are shaping our world in ways that align with our congregation’s […]

Immigration as a Moral Issue

Statue of Liberty Immigration

By Kitty Willkomm ~Rev. Peter Morales, UUA President In answer to Rev. Morales’ very clear call to action, our own group concerns, and questions from several congregation members, the Immigration Issues Action Group has scheduled several activities. Group members, accompanied by the Rev. Jennifer, met with Nayeli Rodin-Valle, Los Voces de la Frontera’s local coordinator […]

Words on the Wind – Risk


The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Risk means facing the reality that everything in life is impermanent, and nothing is guaranteed. It means acknowledging that not only are we transitional, the world around us is too. Risk means admitting we might lose things we love and not get things we want. In our Worship Associates discussion about […]

Who Are We


By Julie Bock, President of the Congregation From the moment we are born and continually throughout our lives, we are asked repeatedly, “Who are You?” What’s your gender, race, ethnicity, age, education, vocation, class, belief, etc.? From the beginning, we are categorized by all these labels. Whether these claimed or ascribed identities fit us well, […]

Challenging a Key Misconception about the Black Lives Matter Movement

Police Officers

By Mary DeVitt The official Black Lives Matter organization publishes a list of 11 Major Misconceptions about the Black Lives Matter Movement. Continuing our efforts to deepen our understanding of the movement, we publish one of them here: #9—The movement hates police officers.  “Police officers are people. Their lives have inherent value. This movement is […]

RE-Flections: Explicit and Implicit Curricula

All for One

“Unitarian Universalist religious education is neither book nor guru centered. It is not adult or even child centered. It is congregation centered, wherein all ages cooperatively engage in what Starr Williams called ‘a cycle of nurturing.’’   -Rev. Tom Owen Towle Early in my career as a religious educator, I learned about explicit and implicit curricula […]