Cottage Meetings Move Sanctuary Discernment Forward

First Unitarian Church of Milwaukee

By Mary Buchel, Sanctuary Discernment Team Our Sanctuary Discernment Team held eight Cottage Meetings from October 1-November 5. We shared what we are learning about sanctuary and asked for your questions, concerns, and opinions. Thank you for participating. Based on our discernment process and your thoughts, we will make a recommendation to our Board of […]

Program the Parks

Black Lives Matter

By Kenyatta Yamel, Black Lives Matter Program the Parks is a grassroots community organization that works with youth and families in the Sherman Park neighborhood. It has been working to provide positive activities for the residents of the neighborhood including a Haunted House party, a junior golf program, and a Community Empowerment and Solutions Center-ITAV. […]

Wisconsin UU Action Network Forming

By Bruce Wiggins, Social Justice Council Chair Are You Interested in social and political change on the state and local level? Several UU Congregations in our state are beginning to form a state action network like our neighboring states already have. Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, and Minnesota all have action networks with UUs banding together to […]

Cottage Meetings: Attend and Speak Up So We Can Hear From You!

Immigrant Makes CC0

By Lorraine Jacobs & Kitty Willkomm, Co-Chairs, Immigration Issues Action Group Almost every day this past year the news has reported on issues affecting immigrants. The First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee congregation can no longer wait to speak publicly on immigration, including deportation and providing sanctuary. We must take our stand on the support of […]

Words on the Wind: People of Courage

Fall Tree CC0

By the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom October is going to be an exciting and important month for First Church’s future, and an opportune time to explore our October theme of what it means to be a people of courage. How might we deepen our vision of our future together by looking through the lens of courage? […]

An Update From Our Immigration Issues Action Group

By Kitty Wilkomm and Lorraine Jacobs, Co-Chairs We offer opportunities to deepen everyone’s understanding regarding immigrant and refugee experiences. Sanctuary Discernment news and schedules are posted on the church bulletin board in the hallway, under the “Sanctuary Discernment at First Church” section, posted on an easel display, and at the Social Justice Table during coffee […]

All About Youth…

By Deb Solis, Youth Program Coordinator As T.S. Eliot said, and that is how our YRUU youth group at First Church is starting the new church year. In August, eight of us gathered for our annual Youth Steering Committee retreat and some exciting ideas and opportunities surfaced in our discussions. Our youth will definitely be […]

Feast for Funds Is Coming!

Feast for Funds

Feast for Funds is finally here! The bidding has begun.  If you haven’t had a chance to see all the items, follow the directions below to view the array of items.  Search by the silent auction categories:  In-home feasts, events, one of a kind items, gift certificates, theme baskets, get-a-ways, wine, and a 50-50 raffle. […]

Words on the Wind…

by the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Welcome in to the 2017-18 church year! In reflecting on “welcome,” I learned the root of the word dates back to Old English words linking “pleasure” and “guest.” It originally meant “to receive someone with pleasure.” I like thinking about welcome as an expression of pleasure at another’s presence, so […]