Milwaukee Unitarian Universalist Ministers Respond to Atheist Billboard

Response to Atheist Billboard - Don't Skip Church

Not All Atheists Skip Church [Three Milwaukee UU Ministers respond to local controversy stirred by a billboard sponsored by a national organization, American Atheists Inc., as reported here in a story, “Atheist Group Introduces Billboard Designed to Provoke Christmas Believers,” from WUWM, a local NRP affiliate.] “December holidays can raise a cacophony of conflicting voices […]

Drew Kennedy Receives Award from Meadville Lombard

Drew Kennedy, Meadville Lombard Award

Minister Emeritus Rev. Drew Kennedy received an honor at the UU General Assembly in Providence on June 25: a Distinguished Alumni Award from Meadville Lombard Theological School. The award is “in recognition and appreciation of his significant accomplishments in ministry and exemplary leadership to Unitarian Universalism.” Drew has just retired at the end of June […]

Joe Bree Exhibit in Leenhouts Gallery

Joe Bree Painting

The Leenhouts Gallery Committee is pleased to present the paintings of First Church member and Milwaukee artist Joe Bree, on display in the Common Room from April 26 through Jun 6, 2014. From Bree’s artist statement: In my paintings, I explore the many layers of life, memory, personality and nature.Using acrylic, oil and spray paint, […]