Feast for Funds Is Coming!

By Lynne Jacoby, Membership Development Coordinator

The fundraiser in which First Church members welcome each other into their homes, interests, or passions is just around the corner. We asked Debra Pyne and Merci Duffy for their story on hosting an ‘Art Dinner’ and here’s Debra’s take.

 “Merci came up with creating a dinner party with recipes by famous artists. We’ve worked together on many art projects together, so when she asked me if I’d be interested in collaborating I thought of course I wanted to be part of this! So Merci created the multi-course menu and I worked on the atmosphere, artistic details, and wine pairing.

 It was our first attempt at creating an event for Feast for Funds, so we weren’t sure what we were doing, but working as a team took the pressure off and made it a true pleasure. We willingly put a lot of energy into our Art Dinner; researching artists, tasting wines, and trying recipes. We added touches like hand-made invitations to prepare our guests for the mood, our husbands helped with greeting and serving, and even our attire was influenced by artists represented. Then the guests arrived and the true magic happened!

It was wonderful to be with members of our community who naturally contributed their own unique variations to the theme. It was a great mix of people, some of whom it was our first “hello” but certainly not our last! There were stories, laughter, delicious food and good company. It was a memorable evening indeed!

Would we do it again? Absolutely! Would we bid on other experiences at Feast for Funds? Yes! These are the times you bond more intimately with fellow members, and when, as a host, you stretch a little beyond your comfort level, these are the experiences that become sweet memories.”


  • October 8 – The deadline for donation items/events.
  • October 22-29 – Bidding will open up online and during coffee hours.

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