The Business of First Church

Feel free to reach out to the contact person for the groups listed below. We’ve added a layer of protection to their email addresses; to email them, replace [at] with “@” and [dot] with “.”

Board of Trustees

ContactJulie Bock, bockbyrn[at]earthlink[dot]net

The First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is responsible for managing the affairs and property of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee.

Denominational Affairs Coordinator

Contact: Bruce Wiggins, brucewathome[at]gmail[dot]com

This committee educates the congregation concerning the activities of the Unitarian Universalist Association and other denominational groups.

Finance Committee

Contact: Al Jaberg, adjaberg[at]gmail[dot]com

The Finance Committee oversees and monitors the church budget, insurance, and other fiscal matters.

History/Archives Coordinator

Contact: Linda Presto, linda.presto[at]att[dot]net

The History/Archives Coordinator collects, organizes, and maintains church historical records.

Personnel Committee

Contact: Nancy Spransy

Facilitates the policies, job satisfaction, compensation and benefits of the church staff. A Board–appointed committee.

Scrip Sales


Scrip sales are held twice a year to offer our members and friends an opportunity to support First Church while making normal retail purchases.

Stewardship Committee

Contact: Tim Greene, imgre[at]earthlink[dot]net

This committee strives to instill a culture of generous giving within the congregation and educates people to the needs of First Church.