Ministry and Pastoral Care

Feel free to reach out to the contact person for the group listed below. We’ve added a layer of protection to their email address; to email them, replace [at] with “@” and [dot] with “.”

Our Pastoral Care Program is a catalyst for finding new ways to promote caring and to support the many expressions of caring that already exist within our church.

Pastoral Care Providers are volunteers who demonstrate caring to church members in times of need by providing concrete services, such as giving rides or meals. No special training is required.

If you need assistance or want to volunteer to be a Provider, please contact Heather Hansen.  Or, call the church at 414-273-5257.

Pastoral Care Associates are screened, interviewed and trained church members who respond meaningfully to fellow members in times of need. Associates minister through presence and quiet listening. They foster and extend our caring culture to all members, particularly at times of important life events or transitions, such as surgery, chronic illness, job loss, moving, divorce, terminal illness, death, difficult decisions or problems at work or home, as well as the arrival of a new family members, graduation, promotion, new career, etc.

If you’d like to be contacted by a Pastoral Care Associate, or refer a church member to the program, contact our Pastoral Care Associate Coordinator,  Pete Neuwald. Or, call the church at 414-273-5257.

See a list of our current Pastoral Care Associates here.