UUUFDA – Unitarian Universalists Under Forty Doing Activities

Dinner Party

UUUFDA encourages social camaraderie among the under-forty crowd at First Church, in service of contributing to a strong, joyful and fun church community. UUUFDA hosts regular meet-ups and allows members to plan and host events.

Possible activities will include monthly lunches, outdoor activities, all sorts of meals, group cooking events, arts and cultural performances, dancing, karaoke, general social events and more. Some events will be for those 21 and older.

We’ll have a monthly lunch and provide at least two other activities every quarter. Ultimately, UUUFDA aims to provide members with the opportunity to share their interests and personalities with each other outside of regular church activities.

Name and contact info of Contact Person for the group:

Yalanda Ludtke and Susie Seidelman at uuufda[at]gmail[dot]com