Kids Choose Recipient

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are children and youth in the Religious Education program being invited to choose a Share the Plate partner organization?

As UUs, we believe that every person should have a vote about the things that concern them. Since kids in RE are specifically invited to contribute money to the Share the Plate program, it makes sense that they should have an opportunity to choose one of the partner organizations to which money is donated.

The Youth Steering Committee chooses the recipient for March – the month in which they hold the Annual Youth Service. Voting for the May “Partner Organization” (the recipient of our donations) will be open to all kids in K5-12 grades who attend RE classes on a designated “Voting Sunday.” Even if we have guests in our classrooms that day, they will be able to vote.

How will the voting work?

Every K5-12 grader who attends Religious Education programming on “Voting Sunday” will get a single vote. Children in classes attending Children’s Chapel will vote during that activity. All other classes will be given a ballot and will cast their votes during class time in a ballot box located by the elevator.  The organization with the majority of votes will be designated as the STP Partner Charity for May of the current church year.

In the unlikely event of a tie, a final decision will be made by a group designated by the Children’s RE Committee and our DRE, Beryl Aschenberg.

Who selected the three organizations from which the children/youth will choose?

The Children’s Religious Education Committee voted from among organizations that were nominated by committee members, and then narrowed the results to three choices.

From which organizations will children/youth be choosing? See information for current year.

While children will have limited information about the three contending organizations provided to them during the Religious Education program in weeks prior to the vote; parents and guardians are encouraged to help their children discern their favored choice from amongst these three eminently worthy organizations!  Our hope is that the information found on these pages will help prompt conversations in your home about the church’s Share the Plate program, personal responsibility related to the democratic process in our congregations and at large, and specifically, information about the three possible beneficiaries in the Children and Youth’s Share the Plate Vote for this year.