Why Should My Family Shop With Scrip?

Let us answer some of the questions you might have about Scrip!

I don’t always know where I’m going to be shopping.

Well, let’s just get started with the simple needs of your family. You know you’re going to need groceries, and you’re going to need gas. Do you like to go to Starbucks for your coffee? Do you like to grab lunch at Subway restaurants or Panera Bread? Those are all good places to start earning.

I’ll have to give you this week’s grocery money for next week.  What about my budget?

If you’re on a budget like a lot of our families and you’re new to Scrip, we encourage you to start small to keep your budget on track. Try ordering half of what you need until you get the hang of the program. Order a reloadable card or Scrip Now to cut your wait time even more.

I like earning rewards with my credit card.  Why can’t I use it to pay for scrip?

Since credit cards charge processing fees, it costs our congregation quite a bit to accept credit card payments. Those free airline miles come at a big cost! In the end, you can earn more by using scrip fundraising. Credit card rewards usually average out to about .5% or 1%, but scrip averages 5.5% in rebates!  Remember, unlike with a credit card, your purchase with scrip gift cards keeps your family’s information safe.

Why bother for a 2% rebate? It’s not worth the hassle.

It might not seem like much, but the rebates really add up fast.  By regularly using scrip for weekly purchases, a single family can easily earn $600-$1000 or more in just one year. Imagine if we had half of our church families regularly shopping with Scrip? Think of the impact we could have within our community and beyond!

I don’t like to order/pay online.

Ordering online is actually just as easy as using the paper order form, plus you can order from home whenever you like! You don’t have to worry, because your transactions are completely secure. We can walk you through the simple steps on the website to help you get familiar with the process, or set up your account for you and give you the login information.

Paying for your order online is completely safe, as PrestoPay uses the same Automated Clearing House (ACH) process used for millions of transactions, including payroll direct deposit and Social Security. The information required to register for PrestoPay is the same information plainly visible on the bottom of every check; so by using PrestoPay, your banking information that would have been exposed to other people on a regular check is electronic and kept private. Additionally, all of your online transactions are regulated, and Great Lakes Scrip Center has the latest computer network’s security protocols to keep you and your money safe.