Stewardship Stories

Rewards of Stewardship

Begin by becoming a careful steward of your own life. Make it a priority, and a discipline, to dedicate time and money to things that sustain you and hold the greatest meaning for you. Giving your time and talent to the church and larger community can be spiritually transformative.
Jeff Pearcy, member and past President of First Church, reflects on the ripple effects of stewardship at the church and in his own life.
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Stewardship Stories:
We have asked some members to join in the stewardship conversation by sharing their stories about how First Church has sustained them and why they strive to be good stewards of our congregation and its mission. This is a collection of those stories. Perhaps you’ll recognize your own journey in one of these stories. We encourage you to think about how you would tell your story. We’d love to hear it!

For Others Yet to Come by Liza Koneazny 
When Pete and I arrived at First Church in 1995, we had our personal hopes and values well-grounded, but we had no idea what adding a spiritual component to these hopes and values would do for our lives.  This church was a very different place in 1995.  There was one service, no covered walkway, no individual RE classrooms, no Max Otto Hall and no ramp near the back of the church (the one that Pete needed after hip surgery).  There was rapid change. Certainly these projects have improved OUR experience here.  But I am SO proud that by providing space and programming, others who have yet to come, will find a place where they can feel safe and valued.

What We Value about First Church by Robert and Jane Speer
First Church has had a pervasive impact on our lives for over 25 years, providing solace and grounding during good times and bad. It has also helped us raise three wonderful kids, now young adults, to be independent thinkers and useful contributors to the world.

From Scot Henry
Every Sunday there is a guaranteed smile and warm greeting from church members. First Unitarian Society is a sanctuary and place of rejuvenation. This is especially true during those times when the world seems full of hostile words and actions.

From Gordie Mueller
There are many things I value about the First Unitarian Society: scholarly, uplifting sermons; gratifying, heartwarming fellowship; enlightening, informative adult RE; rewarding, enduring friendship; meaningful, spiritual fulfillment; to name a few. What is it all worth to me? Priceless!!

From Diana Altstadt
I became a member of First Church nearly a year ago because I believe inequality and individualism are eroding our society and I wanted to counter that by being mindfully connected to a place and people defined by interdependence. Since joining First Church, I have already experienced great power in people joining collectively, from a deeply spiritual center, to enact community and social justice.