Board of Trustees

2016-2017 Board

The First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is responsible for managing the affairs and property of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee. The Board of Trustees consists of nine members, three of whom are elected each year at the Annual Meeting and who hold office for three years, or until their successors are elected. The Board meets monthly during the church year to conduct the business of the church and occasionally calls special meetings to discuss important issues. Board meetings are always open to members. Each church committee is assigned a Board Liaison whom the leaders of that committee should contact with any questions or concerns about church policies and practices, or about the budget.


Julie Bock(200x250)Julie Bock, President

(Term expires 2018)


Julie Bockhas been a member at First Unitarian Society since 2001. She has served on and chaired the Interweave, the Winter WomanSpirit 2010 and the Children’s RE Committees. She has taught both Adult RE (Cakes for the Queen of Heaven), as well as Children’s RE, including over 13 years of OWL. She believes that the world (and our church) is run by those who show up. She is honored to serve.

Don Weimer, Vice President

Weimer(200x250)(Term expires 2017)

Don and his wife Christine Linder have been members of First Church since 1996.  His involvement in church committees and activities include the 1999 Security Task Force, Architect Selection and Building Committees, the Choir, and the YRUU Youth Group. He’s led 9 youth Mission Trips to work with Habitat for Humanity. He has offered a variety of workshops at church on the historical Jesus and topics related to economics and personal finance.   He teaches economics at Milwaukee Area Technical College and has authored two books on economics and personal finance.  He plays flamenco guitar and performs regularly with his troupe.



Michelle Naples, Secretary

Michelle Naples (200x250)

(Term expires 2019)


Michelle Naples and her husband, Tom LeBel, have been members of First Church since 2012.  Michelle joined a Chalice Circle right away and also serves on the Chalice Circle Steering Committee, which she has chaired the last two years.  Michelle is one of the planning members of the 40s/50s UU Network. Michelle has been selected to serve as a delegate representing First Church at the UU MidAmerica Regional Assembly this spring.  She works for Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services where she serves as Director of Strategic Initiatives.  For her, First Church is a place that grounds her in her values and inspires her to try to be her best self.

Kirstin Anglea

Kirstin Anglea (200x250)(Term expires 2019)


Kirstin Anglea started attending First Church with her new baby, Anya Race, over 20 years ago and became a member shortly thereafter. She spent the first 18 years of membership primarily serving as an RE teacher or assistant and as a member of the Families Committee, supporting events and activities where children were involved.  She was a member of the Choir under Christian Rich for several years.  Kirstin’s partner, Lisa Gies, joined the church 6 years ago and was active with the high school youth group. Kirstin has been a member of the Interim Transition Team for the past 2 years and is in her first year as a Pastoral Care Associate.  First Church is a spiritual home where Kirstin and Lisa feel supported in their liberal, inclusive views.  Most importantly, it created a loving and safe space for Anya to begin to develop her own beliefs about the world.  It is a place where one can question, be challenged, and celebrate our diverse humanity. Kirstin looks forward to working with the new minister and others to further our mission as a faith community that nurtures the spirit, engages the mind, and inspires action.

Maria Dorsey

Maria Dorsey (200x250)

(Term expires 2019)


Maria Dorsey and her husband Damon joined First Church in December 2010. Currently Maria is a member of the Interim Transition Team, the Pulpit Guest Committee and serves as a Worship Associate. In the past, Maria has been an assistant CRE teacher in the 5th– 6th grade class and has served on the Chalice Circle Steering Committee. She chaired the Chalice Circle Steering Committee in 2013-2014. Maria is a lawyer and the Presiding Court Commissioner of Milwaukee County. First Church has been instrumental in helping Maria create a sense of life balance and she feels fortunate to call First Church her spiritual home.

Sally Lewis

Sally Lewis(200x250)(Term expires 2017)


Sally and her partner, Kathy Rivera, have been members of First Church since 2005. Currently Sally is a member of the Pulpit Guest Committee, sings in the Chancel Choir, and teaches 4-5 grade Religious Education.  In the past, Sally has served coffee, been an usher, and served on Drew’s Committee on Ministry.  She was a member of Stewardship Committee for four years, including two years as co-chair.  In the summer of 2012, she had the honor of presenting a summer sermon.  Sally retired in 2008 after 30 years as a lawyer at Northwestern Mutual Life.  She is deeply grateful to have found this welcoming, stimulating and nurturing church community.


Pete Koneazny

Pete Koneazny(200x250)(Term expires 2018)


Pete Koneaznyhas been a member of FUSM since approximately 1996 and has served a prior term on the Board of Trustees, in the early 2000s. He has taught middle school and high school RE, and he served on the search committee that hired our first Assistant Minister and on both Drew’s and Dena’s Committees on Ministry. Since joining the church, Pete’s primary focus has been on social justice issues, including chairing the Racial Justice (aka “Open Door”) Committee, starting the Community Justice action group (on racial disparity in criminal justice) and serving on the Social Justice Council (including two years as co-chair). Pete currently serves (since 2010) on MICAH’s Board of Trustee’s as FUSM’s representative. Pete is married to Lisa Koneazny and has two adult children, Paul & Maggie. In his “day job” Pete is Litigation Director of the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee. For fun, he plays bad golf and watches college basketball with a harmless gang of UUs that takes an annual NCAA tournament road trip together.

Holly Patzer

Holly Patzer(200x250)(Term expires 2018)


Holly Patzerhas been a member of First Church since 2011 and has served as an usher, a member of the Stewardship Committee and as a Worship Associate. In her work life she is the executive of a nonprofit social service agency, and in her spare time she enjoys flower gardening, walking and hiking, movies and has a passion for all types of live music. Holly is grateful to be part of this spiritual community that promotes the worth and dignity of every person and that seeks to move beyond being just a place of tolerance to one of grace and deep appreciation.


Dale Skaggs

Skaggs(200x250)(Term expires 2017)


Dale and his wife Lynda Lambert, joined First Church in November 2007.  He served on the Canvass Committee in 2008-09, then as a co-chair helped launch the new Stewardship Committee in August 2009, continuing as a member there till May 2014. Dale also served on the Vision 2010 Tune-up Task Force, and the Strategic Plan Update Task Force in 2011-12, has been a greeter and an usher, and twice attended District Assembly. In September of 2013 he began serving as a Worship Associate. Being a part of this community of memory and hope has enriched his life immeasurably.