Ministerial Search Committee Selection Process


March 5, 2015

Dear member of First Unitarian Society,

YOU are invited to nominate yourself or other members for the Ministerial Search Committee who will represent our congregation in finding our new Senior Minister!

Any member may nominate themselves or another member for the Search Committee. We intend to have a team that represents our diversity and deserves our confidence. Therefore we would like you to take this important opportunity to consider who has the qualities of a good Search Committee member. Now is the time!

Who will select our Search Committee?

Any member can propose nominees. All nominees will be reviewed and evaluated by representatives of the Nominating Committee, the Interim Transition Team, and the Board of Trustees, with the final slate selected by the Board. The final list will be presented to the congregation at our Annual Meeting on May 17.

What is involved in serving on the Search Committee?

Serving on the Search Committee will be time-consuming and require overnight travel, diverse skills, strict confidentiality, and the ability to work for consensus. A list of qualities and skills to consider as well, as a job description, are found at the links below.

What is the timeline of the Senior Minister search process?

After being elected at our May 2015 Annual Meeting, the Search Committee will be busy until May 2016 at which time they will present the chosen Senior Minister Candidate to our congregation. During that year, they will compile the packet of information about our congregation, review information from ministerial candidates applying for our position, interview selected candidates by phone and in person, travel to “neutral pulpits” to hear selected candidates conduct a service, and finally present one candidate to our congregation for our review and approval vote.

How can I nominate a member for the Search Committee?

A link to the monimation form can be found below. A nomination form can be also be completed on paper and mailed to First Church, put in the “Nominations” collection box in the Common Room on Sundays, or brought to the Church office.   Nominations are due by March 31. You may nominate more than one member. Multiple nominations for the same member will be accepted and will be evaluated based on the aforementioned process.

What if I do not choose to nominate anyone?

It is highly important that the Search Committee represent the entire congregation, and that everyone has been informed about the search process and the opportunity to submit nominations.  However, you are not required to nominate anyone.

What if I have more questions about the form or the process?

Representatives of the Ministerial Search Committee Logistics Team and the Interim Transition Team will be present at Coffee Hour after services throughout the month of March to answer questions. Several Q&A sessions will also be scheduled.