Directions for Setting Up Your MyFirstChurch Online Portal

Follow these instructions to set up your online profile

with our new MyFirstChurch member directory!

MyFirstChurch (MFC) allows members and pledging contributors to build a First Church profile where you can:

  • Add an individual and /or family photograph for the online directory.
  • Quickly look up the contact information for a member.
  • View a directory of members, with or without photos.
  • Check your pledge and contribution record.
  • Update your contact information.


Below is information on how to create your account. If you are unable to create your account with these instructions, never fear: you can contact Tracy Smith for help!

Create your account

First, click here:

Or if you should need, you can copy this link into your browser:

Here is what the login page will look like. You’ll need to create a password to log-in. Simply “Click here,” as shown below.



Here you’ll enter your e-mail address, first and last name, then click “Find Me.”



After clicking “Find Me,” this screen will appear.


If, however, you see the “unable to locate a record” message below, first try various forms of your first name. Your name needs to exactly match the version in our database. For instance, Robert, Rob, Bob, Bobbie, etc.

If this is not successful, we’ll need to add your email to our database in order to create an account. To add your email, please email our Office Assistant, Tracy Smith at tracy.smith[at]uumilwaukee[dot]org.


You’ll receive a ‘New Account Verification for First Unitarian Society’ email. In the email, you’ll be instructed to verify your account and set up your password.

Once you’ve set up your password, you’re ready to use MyFirstChurch!

Here is the home page for the fictional Jean Doe.


Member search and directories:

You can do a quick search for a member in the Search box of your home page pictured above. The ONLY information you will see about other members is their name, address, phone number, and email address – unless the member has made his or her information unpublished.

View the Individual or Family Directory (with or without photos) by clicking the “Directories” tab. To gain a better understanding of how your profile appears, peruse the Directories to view where this data came from and who gets to see it.

There are two types of directories:

  • In the Individual Directory, you can view the contact information (address, phone, and email) for each church member and staff of FUSM. The Individual Directory will usually be best to use because couples who have different last names will be located in the Family Directory under only one of the names.
  • In the Family Directory, you can view the contact information for a household (family members included).


Select personal preferences:

Select your Personal Preferences for the information you want to make visible to other members by hovering over the “Home” tab and selecting “My Account” from the drop down menu. Then click the “Personal Preferences” tab.



Edit your contact information:

Click “My Profile” in the “Home” tab and edit your contact information. Click other tabs to view giving and pledging records.
Please note: your information is confidential and only church staff will see the profile information. This is information the church member has supplied to the church in the past, e.g., when becoming a member of the church, children’s RE registration, etc.

Add your photo:

To add a photo, click the pencil icon circled below.

Then click, the ‘Personal Photo’ tab, circled below. From there, you can upload your photo.


Have fun creating your online directory profiles! Please send questions to office[at]uumilwaukee[dot]org.
If you’d like to access MyFirstChurch on your smartphone, you can do so with the Church Life app for both iPhones and Android devices!