Splinters from the Board – March

Board of Trustees

This is my first year on the Board of Trustees.  What an honor to learn, from this perspective, how special we are as a congregation!  Our most recent meeting on January 24, was another opportunity to learn about the many intricacies that allow First Church to function as well as we do! As a representative from the Finance Committee, Gordie Mueller provided an overview of our financial health. Thanks to wise money-management and the generosity of our church community, we are doing very well!

Mike Newman joined us to provide an update on the Senior Minister’s Committee on Ministry.  It is up and running. Talk to Mike about how this committee will function in the future.

As reported last month, the Pledge Drive is in full swing.  Your “Why me? Why us? Why now?” packets should have come to your homes by now. If not, please see Cheri Taylor to get your packet. Mark your calendars for an all-member pledge event March 5 at the Tripoli Shrine. This event will allow us to come together as a community for dinner, music, and celebration. The Pledge Drive will close with a celebration during Sunday worship on March 19.

The Rev. Jennifer reported that we had 33 new members last month. Wow! Welcome! With the current political climate, she expects to see many new faces walk through our doors. She encourages all of us to greet the unfamiliar faces in the sanctuary and help them feel welcome in this safe space so many of us call home.

The Rev. Jennifer also reported on her busy schedule. She has been actively engaged in the community, supporting the efforts of Black Lives Matter, speaking at a climate-change rally, attending a gathering aimed at establishing Milwaukee as a Sanctuary city, and completing a “Everybody’s Talkin’” piece in the January issue of Milwaukee Magazine. You can find this article on our website.

As a Board, we get the opportunity to do lots of learning. This month, the Board and the Rev. Jennifer discussed the differences between technical and adaptive leadership challenges. We left the meeting holding the following questions: What specific difference is love asking you and me to address in the next chapter of our lives and work? and What is love calling us to change for who in what amount of time? Some very thoughtful questions. I encourage you to ponder these questions with us.

As always, you can find the minutes for our meetings on the First Church bulletin board and on our church website. We encourage you to find us after the church services to introduce yourselves. Don’t know who we are? Our pictures are on the wall outside the church offices.