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Sunday Services: Bread for the Journey


SUNDAY, JULY 9 “Bread for the Journey” The Rev. Dena McPhetres Jack Forbes Wilson, Resident Artist When embarking on a significant journey, what do we need to take with us? Spiritually, physically, emotionally – what sustenance do we need and where do we find it? Can we give each other bread for the journey? We often […]

Surrendering to Joy


SUNDAY, JUNE 25 “Surrendering to Joy “ The Rev. Dena McPhetres Tristan Strelitzer, Choral Director Chasing joy, controlling joy or demanding joy do not work. Joy requires surrender, spontaneity, letting go and going with. What are some of the things we need to surrender to experience joy? Guilt, judgment, expectations, inhibitions, and substances. Relying on […]

Parenting the UU Way

Family CC0 PM

SUNDAY, JUNE 18 “Parenting the UU Way” The Rev. Joyce Palmer Alissa Rhode, Lead Music Director We look at the core values of Unitarian Universalism and how they apply to parenting. How do we create an environment in our homes and families that reflects our theology and vision? The Rev. Joyce Palmer began working as […]

Flower Communion

Flower Communion 2009 PM

“Communal Joy: Flower Communion” Multigenerational Service The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education Tristan Strelitzer, Choir Director Accompanied by Jack Forbes Wilson, Artist in Residence Flower Communion For some of us in habitual productivity, experiencing joy is something we have to put on the To Do list. What is the formula for […]

It’s Not All Karma: Theodicy and Grace

SUNDAY, MAY 28 “It’s Not All Karma: Theodicy and Grace “ The Rev. Dr. Adam Robersmith Jack Forbes Wilson, Artist in Residence For as long as there have been humans, humans have wanted reasons for the good and the bad things that occur. Most of us want to know that life is meaningful and has […]

Embraced By This Community

coat of many colors-beryl

SUNDAY, MAY 21 The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education RE High School Seniors Alissa Rhode, Lead Music Director As our children grow in faith and understanding, we celebrate their transitions. As they move into young adulthood, we embrace them even as we encourage them to spread their wings. Today is a […]

The Body’s Truths


SUNDAY, MAY 14 The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom Tristan Strelitzer, Choir Director accompanied by Jack Forbes Wilson, Artist in Residence Mother’s Day Service with Child Dedication   Our bodies contain awareness and wisdom. Bodies are also sources of deep connection: to others, ourselves, this world, and the sacred. What truths are hidden in our bodies? How […]

Can We Bee the Change

COMING ON SUNDAY! TWO SERVICES & RELIGIOUS EDUCATION 9:00 & 11:00 A.M. This month’s theme: What does it mean to be a community of “Transformation?”   SUNDAY, April 23 “Can We Bee the Change?” Earth Day Sunday The Rev. Dena McPhetres Karen Beaumont, guest organist   Alarming rates of bee colony collapse threaten the survival […]