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Faith in the Unfolding


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25 “Faith in the Unfolding” The Reverend Dena McPhetres Diane Horne, Worship Associate Karen Beaumont, Guest Organist Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education   What happens when we don’t know what’s coming next? Which is pretty much true all the time, though we pretend it’s not. How do we step up to our […]

Joy and Woe Woven Fine in the Fabric of the Universe

Earth Hands

TWO SERVICES & RELIGIOUS EDUCATION 9:00 & 11:00 A.M.   The Reverend Jennifer Nordstrom Artist in Residence Jack Forbes Wilson Worship Associate Bob Porter Director of Religious Education Beryl Aschenberg Theodicy, the challenge of reconciling a loving universe with the reality of suffering and evil, can be one of the greatest difficulties in faith. How […]

Live the Questions Now

Hope Dispair

  TWO SERVICES & RELIGIOUS EDUCATION 9:00 & 11:00 A.M.   The Reverend Jennifer Nordstrom Lead Music Director Alissa Rhode Worship Associate Robert Syzmanski Unitarian Universalists sometimes take pride in our questions, doubt, and seeking. What if, instead of being opposites, faith and doubt are siblings, circling into one another, playing off one another’s refrains? What […]