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A Summer Update

Not to sound mean but… don’t sit inside and read this silly column in the Chanticleer!

Go outside. Enjoy the warmth (goodness knows it disappears quickly enough). Walk. Ride a bike. Picnic. Read a great book in a comfy lawn chair. Store up some vitamin D for December (yes, I do know that’s not really possible). Roast marshmallows over a fire. Look up at the stars. Swat some mosquitos.

My point being is that First Church slows down during the summer. We really go full bore the rest of the year; planning, preaching, protesting, teaching, and celebrating. While staying connected to our beloved community is important, R&R is indispensable to our souls. Therefore, come worship with us on Sundays, debate in the coffee hour, welcome visitors, find out about social justice happenings, etc. But also take the time to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate.

As we ready for our upcoming church year, one in which we’ll be actively engaging in a process to create our vision for the future (more on that in the coming months) it is crucial we come into community with open hearts and our whole selves.

So, have fun playing in the summer sun and see you at First Church!

Julie Bock
President of the Congregation, 2016-2018

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