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Arranging Childcare for Meetings and Events

Offering childcare for your meeting or event enables and encourages families to participate which lends itself to creating a more fulfilling event and a more vibrant and healthy community here at First Church.  The following guidelines are offered to committees planning events that will include childcare options for our members.

Prior to the event:

  • Designate a member of your committee to be in charge of arranging childcare for the event.  This designate can find a current list of trained, qualified and interested providers in the Child Care Coordinator’s mailbox in the church office. Your designate may make a copy of this list to retain for their records.  Or feel free to forward the email that all committee chairs and board members received at the beginning of the church year with this information. We do not publish contact information for minors on our website.
  • When advertising the event, clearly emphasize that childcare will be available. Childcare sign-up procedures should be handled alongside the event sign-up (separate sign-up sheet needed and included in this manual), so that your committee can adequately determine not only if childcare will be needed, but also: how long, when, where, and the number and ages of children, special needs such as severe allergies.
  • During the sign-up process, parents should be provided with protocol so they can notify you in the event they will not, in the end, attend.  We recommend constructing a note asking parents to call at least 24 hours in advance of the event if they will not be needing care for their children during the event.  A sample note may read:  “Please contact (name of childcare designate) at least 24 hours in advance of (name and date of the event) if you will not need care for your child.  This avoids unnecessary work and costs for our committee and we thank you for your thoughtfulness.”
  • Provide enough lead in time for advertising the availability of Childcare. If sign-up for the event begins at least 4 weeks prior, then your committee can adequately determine if childcare will be needed at all. The number of providers needed – as determined by the sign-up process – depends on the number of children needing care.
  • The childcare designate can contact the providers on the list to secure the appropriate number of providers.  Establish the start and end times and stay true to them.  Our providers may have other obligations after the scheduled end time.
  • As a general rule, there should be one childcare provider for every 5 children. However, if most of the children are infants and toddlers, there should be 1 childcare provider for every 3 children
  • If, at the last minute, childcare is not needed, please contact the providers. They are paid if they show up, whether there are children or not. Or you may find that you have two scheduled and only one child registered, in which case you may cancel one of the providers.
  • Snack and/or activity (craft):  Although some games, and books are provided, your childcare designate may want to make sure there is something, especially for longer periods of time (e.g. over 2 hours). Childcare providers expect that you or the church will be supplying materials and snacks and a plan for children’s stimulation ensures a positive experience for everyone. Due to allergy concerns, the Child Care provider will only provide snacks if they are directed to do so by the designate, which assumes that Parents have been informed that snacks will be provided.
  • If you haven’t yet met the childcare provider(s), please specify in advance with the provider if s/he should meet you 15 or 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting/event to go over any necessary details. Be sure the childcare providers have their own transportation to the event.

Current rate of pay is minimum wage : $10.00 per hour,  Minimum two hours paid  (12/2010)

Day of the event:

Just prior to the event, the Child Care Designate should:

  • Obtain the sign-in sheet from the Child Care mailbox in the main office. Give the sheet to the child care providers for their use during child care.
  • Locate childcare room (usually the Nursery or Early Childhood room) and be sure the room(s) is unlocked.
  • Make sure activities/snacks are located and brought to the room.

Go over procedures with Childcare Provider for contacting you if there is an emergency. (Provide cell phone numbers). There is also a phone in the nursery for emergencies; that number is (414) 273-5257 x. 172

At the end of the event, your Child Care Designate should:

  • Return to the childcare room to make sure parents have collected their children and signed out.
  • Complete the “Request for Payment” section of the child care sheet and turn that section into the church treasurer’s mailbox.
  • Make sure the Childcare Providers have completed the evaluation sheet then please put this portion in the mailbox of Cami Thomas, Religious Education Coordinator.