What Are Your Means to Achieve the Board’s Ends?

Everyone on a ministry team, both staff-led and member-led, is invited to begin engaging with the question:

What ministry Means will your team use to achieve the Boards’ Ends?

In listening to over 250 of our members last fall, the Board developed eight Ends for our ministry at First Church.  These are the outcomes we will see if our ministry together over the next several years is successful. Ministry is the Means we use to get to the Ends. Now, it is time for the ministry teams of our congregation to answer the question: How will we achieve these Ends together?

Each ministry team should begin to consider how your work could achieve one (or a couple!) of these Ends. Where does your ministry at First Church fit in the Ends? What are the next steps for moving the work of your team towards the Ends we dreamed together?

In June, First Church staff will be working with our Ends consultant, Laura Park of Unity Consulting, to learn how to set up processes for answering these questions in staff-led ministry teams. In the fall, we will have opportunities for staff-led and member-led ministries to engage with these questions and begin aligning our Means with our Ends.

In the meantime, we invite you to sit with the Ends and begin thinking about the relationship between your First Church ministry’s Means, and these collective Ends. Which of these Ends does the work of your team connect with? What are your team’s first steps of the journey towards our shared outcomes?

We, the people of First Church build community where we:

  1. Value, develop, and celebrate the gifts that come from authentic connection across difference, emphasizing racial, ethnic, and generational difference.
  2. Recognize power differences and challenge injustice where it arises.
  3. Follow the leadership of people most affected by injustice, partnering to move the Milwaukee community toward justice.
  4. Generously give and receive support, connection, and care in times of joy and challenge.
  5. Promote Unitarian Universalism and our shared values in the world.
  6. Open ourselves to wonder, making ourselves vulnerable and available to find meaning, inspiration, and transformation.
  7. Create communal experiences celebrating our interconnectedness.
  8. Create accessible, courageous, and innovative welcome to people who might find a sense of belonging and a spiritual home with us.

At the heart of First Church, we value:

  1. Wonder
  2. Authentic Connection
  3. Love
  4. Justice


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