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Dr. Guy McPherson Challenged, Angered and Cheered Audience

By Terry Wiggins

On July 12, First Church hosted nearly 150 people to listen to Dr. Guy McPherson talk about Abrupt Climate Change. His fundamental points were that:

  • Humans have been given a terminal diagnosis
  • What shall any of us do and how shall we live, given that diagnosis.

He thinks most climate scientists are guilty of malpractice for not giving the diagnosis that self-reinforcing cycles of climate change are making our planet uninhabitable for humans.

Due to technical difficulties, he was not able to present his slides with scientific data. He orally presented studies with names of authors, dates, and journal titles.

Dr. McPherson is accused of not promoting hope, which he defined as wishing for an outcome over which one has no agency. Though he is “hope-free,” he does not suggest inaction, but rather, live in the present.

His three bits of advice:

  1. Remain calm. Nothing is under your control. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you. It matters how you respond to it. Act but do not be attached to the outcome.
  2. Pursue excellence because at the end of the day you only report to you.
  3. Pursue love. Do what you love. Get off the treadmill of just making a living.

After the presentation, several of the attendees commented and sent emails about the “goofy science” he proffered.  Yet others see him as their hero.

Is he a “goofy professor” (New York Times), “Doomist cult hero” (Michael Mann in Washington Post that day) or a solid scientist? You may judge for yourself at where his talk was live-streamed.


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