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Let’s Party! A First Church Feast for Funds Story

pork ramen broth

Susie & Laura’s Feast for Funds Story

by Susie Siedelman and Laura Maker

We both love having people over and entertaining, so Feast for Funds was a really enjoyable way to help out
First Church and have a heck of a good party, to boot.

We spent a while deliberating the theme and arrived at one that complimented something we already do every year – making an absolutely gigantic quantity of homemade pork ramen stock.

So truth be told, we were able to fit this around our lives in a very easy way. And it also gave us a good excuse to try some new things!

The party we hosted last year was a very memorable night for us, and it felt wonderful to make such a special evening for our guests. This combined with the service we were giving to church was a real highlight in our own personal journey of stewardship of this church and its community.

Participating in Feast for Funds, whether as a donor host or attendee, is a wonderful opportunity to build
the community we want to be part of.

We will absolutely host again, and look forward to that opportunity to serve our church, our community and our own spirits.

We hope this will inspire you to host or attend an event, or donate an item or service to Feast for Funds.

This year, host form and donations will be accepted online and at Coffee Hour from September 23 through October 14.

Auction bidding will occur October 27 through November 4.

Here’s a link to the First Church’s official Feast for Funds page, where you can sign up to donate an event, an items, or other creative activity.

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