Lu Krug Bequest – Apply for funding

Funding for Visionary Programmatic Initiatives
from Lu Krug Bequest

Preliminary Application Form

2018–2019 Church Year

Background Information

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in proposing a project for funding from a portion of the generous $850,000 bequest received by First Church in July 2017 from the estate of Lu Krug. Lu, who died in August 2016, was a long-time member and lay leader at First Church. We are grateful for her generosity.

A portion of the total bequest, $425,000, has been designated by our Board of Trustees for the funding of visionary programmatic initiatives to implement the Board’s Ends Statements over the next 1–8 years. While there is no limit on the amount you may request, it is expected that only a portion of this amount will be awarded during the 2018–2019 church year through this application process and that a second round of applications may be solicited during the 2019–2020 church year. However, the Board, in its sole discretion, may change the amount available at any time.

If you experience technical issues submitting your application online, please contact our Office Coordinator Shari Wright. If you have any other questions, please contact any of the following members of the Lu Krug Gift Acceptance Team (KGAT):

Application Instructions

Application Instructions

  • The deadline for submission of the preliminary application form is October 15, 2018.
  • Any First Church member(s) or staff member(s) may submit an application.
  • Preference will be given to applications supported by both a staff member and the ministry team working in the subject matter area of the proposal.
  • Proposals must implement one or more of First Church’s Ends Statements. For your convenience, these are set out below.
  • Your answer to each question on the application form is limited to a specific number of words, as noted. Please do not exceed these limits.
  • You will be contacted no later than November 30, 2018 regarding the status of your preliminary proposal.
  • The application form can be completed and submitted in either of the following ways:
    1. On-line (strongly preferred); or
    2. In paper form (please type your responses – handwritten submissions are strongly discouraged), and either (i) dropped into the box marked “Krug Bequest Proposals” on the Member Table on Sundays, or (ii) dropped off in the church office (if you choose this option please make sure it is clearly marked “Lu Krug Bequest Funding Proposal – attention KGAT”). Download word document HERE and save the document to your computer.

Ends Statements

We, the people of First Church, build community where we:

  1. Value, develop, and celebrate the gifts that come from authentic connection across difference, emphasizing racial, ethnic, and generational difference.
  2. Recognize power differences and challenge injustice where it arises.
  3. Follow the leadership of people most affected by injustice, partnering to move the Milwaukee community toward justice.
  4. Generously give and receive support, connection, and care in times of joy and challenge.
  5. Promote Unitarian Universalism and our shared values in the world.
  6. Open ourselves to wonder, making ourselves vulnerable and available to find meaning, inspiration, and transformation.
  7. Create communal experiences celebrating our interconnectedness.
  8. Create accessible, courageous, and innovative welcome to people who might find a sense of belonging and a spiritual home with us.

IMPORTANT before you begin completing this form.

  • If you exit the form before it has been submitted, your work will not be saved.  Therefore, we recommend you complete your answers first and then cut and paste your answers into this form.
  • Remember to click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form when you have completed the form.  You will receive email confirmation and a copy of your application.
  • All questions marked with a red asterisk [*] must be answered.

LINK TO Preliminary Application Form