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Membership Musings on Moving and Belonging

By Lynne Jacoby, Membership Development Coordinator

Last week I was driving into Milwaukee with my nephew in a U-Haul and as I said out loud ‘this is my city now’ I startled my nephew. ‘That’s a bit presumptuous isn’t it?’ he asked, and I thought he might be right. I wondered if I was being too possessive, or grandiose, until the next day when I took him to all three of the places I remembered here. Riverwalk, the lakefront, and First Church! I was totally showing off my city, the little tiny bit I knew of it.

I’ve just been through the process of weeding through all of my things; the physical things anyway. Judging each as move worthy or not, and leaving much behind. I kept telling myself ‘what you own, owns you Lynne’, which is true, but it didn’t help. It only reminded me that I want to be owned a little. Like when a relationship ends and you are suddenly free to watch your Syfy movies every night if you want; but all that keeps running in your head is that Janice Joplin line ‘Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose… ‘.

My nephew is 19 and all about exploring, I get that. He doesn’t want a city yet, he wants to see all the cities. But I have come to appreciate that what I claim does own me and that is a good thing. My faith, my community, and all who I love. I want to try and grow into the demands these ask of me, be a part of something larger then myself, and contribute differently than a visitor would. I do not know you yet but I suspect many of you have the same motivations in naming First Church your own spiritual home. I hope, as your new Membership Development Coordinator I can support you in continuing to make it so.

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