Children's RE from A-Z


Children and youth begin each Sunday in the sanctuary with their families. Parents/guardians with children in first through fourth grade, or ages 10 and below, sign in at the usher table before service. After our “Time for all Ages” during worship, we ask that all participants in our Religious Education (RE) program exit from the door at the front of the sanctuary and meet in the Leenhouts Common Room before going downstairs. If your children are not registered in our Religious Education program, please accompany them to the Leenhouts Common Room where we can help your family get information about RE Sundays. We ask that regular guests to our church register their children for safety and convenience.

The Nursery and Early Childhood rooms will welcome the little ones before service starts if parents prefer.


Regular attendance helps children build on previous experiences and build friendships and community with classmates and teachers. For the best experience, please bring your child to church regularly.

Dismissal & Pick-Up

Older children will be dismissed immediately after class ends. For safety, children in the nursery through 4th grade must be picked up by their adult at 10:15 a.m. or 12:15 p.m. If someone other than a parent or guardian will be retrieving a child, written permission must be given to the Religious Education Administrative Assistant to keep on file.

Designated Grown-up

One adult MUST be in the building while their child is onsite. If this is someone other than those noted on the registration form, there must be written notice on file.


Children and youth are invited to attend the entire worship service in the sanctuary several times a year. Your family won’t want to miss these services, which are designed to be engaging for people of all ages! The Nursery and Early Childhood class will also be available for children under age six.


Also known as Our Whole Lives, this award-winning, values-based sexuality education program is offered annually to 8th grade children of members. See more information here.


All children must be registered annually for our RE Program. Registration can be found here; Member Registration Form and Non-Member Registration Form.


Children’s safety is important to us. Volunteers are screened, monitored and supported by professional staff.

Summer RE

From the second Sunday in June through the first Sunday in September, we offer fun activities in a more relaxed environment.


Welcome! Parents visiting with children should seek out the RE Administrative Assistant in the Leenhouts Common Room after the Time for all Ages or on the lower level prior to the service. Please bring your filled-in RE Visitor Form.


Inspire a child and grow your own faith! Ours is a volunteer-driven program: we need adults like you to join in the good work of guiding young people in discovering their values and beliefs. Please complete and submit the volunteer section of the RE Registration form or talk to our Minister of Religious Education to discuss opportunities to serve.


  • Children and youth join their families in the sanctuary for the Time for All Ages at the beginning of each service from September-May. The Time for All Ages includes music, rituals, and stories intended to nurture the spirit.
  • Occasionally we will hold multi-generational services intended to engage the hearts and minds of people of all ages.
  • Signs at church entrances will let you know if children are joining us for all or part of the service that day.

Field Trip Permission Form

Medical Treatment Release

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU): This is our 9-12 grade youth group. More information can be found here.

Contact Kimberlee Tomczak Carlson, Minister of Religious Education, with questions or for more information, 414.273.5257, ext. 204.