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Youth Group: Exploring Faith, Feelings, and Issues of the Modern World

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Youth Group (9-12th Grade) 9:00-10:15 a.m.

James Reeb Room

Soul Matter’s Youth Group resource is not a curriculum, but it does offer tools to help youth leadership build their own experience. Each month’s packet components support “whole person” learning, with sections focusing on the different ways we engage with the world: head, heart, hands, body, spirit/soul, and community. Here’s an overview of these holistic packet sections:

  1. Getting Started (engaging with the theme through community)
    II. Spiritual Practice (engaging with the theme soulfully)
    III. Discussion Starters (engaging with the theme with your head)
    IV. Express Yourself (engaging the theme with your hands and creativity)
    V. Fun & Games (engaging the theme through your body and experiential learning)

Each week, two youth leaders and two adult advisers will take the lead in guiding the youth group through the activities they have chosen. The weekly meetings will also allow youth a time to socialize and connect as a community.


Deb Solis, Youth Program Coordinator

414-273-5257 x 204

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