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A Reverend’s Letter to the Congregation: Nevada Massacre

Dear Ones,

I write to you as our nation once again shudders with the grief and horror of a mass shooting. Many minds are turned towards the victims in Nevada, the hundreds who were wounded, and the more than 50 human beings who were murdered. All over the United States, people are thinking and praying for them, for their families, and for the soul of this nation.

There are many ways to process, grieve, and respond to violence, and we welcome your way here.

I know some of you are angry, and some of you want more of a response than thoughts and prayers. May you be able to work with others here to prioritize human life over the profits of the gun lobby, may you be able to work with others here to prioritize our communal life over individual fear and rage.

There are also those of you who are too weary, or too sorrow-stricken to think about strategy right now. May you have space here for your heart to grieve.

There are those of you who are numb, those for whom this violation of humanity sits atop a pile of horror too high for the mind to process. May you have space here to sit and breathe.

There are those of you who are scared, who see a spiral of violence without end, who tremble for where we are headed as a people, and fear for our lives where we are now. May you find hands here to hold yours in the dark.

Our reactions do not need to be the same for us to love one another, and hold each other in compassion as we face the brokenness in our midst. I am holding all of you in my thoughts and prayers today. Please contact the church if you need pastoral care, and we will be with you in your processing.

With love and compassion,


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