Deb Solis

Youth Program Coordinator

414-273-5257 ext. 209

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In her role as the Youth Program Coordinator, Deb is manages and coordinates programs for youth in Grades 8–12 and early young adulthood to ensure that a well-balanced program is maintained — which includes opportunities for worship, community building, social action, learning, leadership development and congregational involvement.


Deb has been a very active member of First Church since 1993 with her only son, Kyle, growing up UU by participating in the comprehensive Religious Education Program. She has been involved in First Church as a Religious Education teacher, Children’s Religious Education Committee Chair, Nominating Committee member and Board of Trustees member. She has an M.F.A. degree in dance and has worked with all ages in movement education to include dance, fitness and mind-body disciplines for more than 30 years.


Deb and her husband, Ken enjoy traveling, spending time connected to nature and challenging the mind through learning through many different areas.

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