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Dianna Dentino

Board Member

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Board Term Ending 2022.  In 1997, with D’Laney, age 7, and Tieg, age 4, in tow, my husband John Gielow and I found First Church and have made it our spiritual home ever since. I have participated in a variety of committees and First Church events over the years. Highlights include working with Lisa Larson, Jeff Harsh, Elizabeth Lentini, and Kevin Gibson to create the Family Committee; co-leading a coupleship series with John; volunteering on the Membership Committee; contributing as a volunteer for pastoral care needs of members; teaching in RE; serving as FUSM’s liaison with Interfaith of Greater Milwaukee; volunteering on the annual First Church pledge team; and participating on both sides of the Feast for Funds. My life has been enriched by the Sunday Forums, Circle Suppers, Build your Own Theology, Chalice Circles, and Geography of Grace. Outside the First Church community, I have spent the past 34 years working as a teacher and interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, the great outdoors, supporting the arts, and reading good books.

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