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Jane Cliff


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Board Term Ending 2022.   Since she was not raised in any faith community, Jane was pleasantly surprised to discover a liberal and tolerant church—First Church—through her partner Julie Hamrick. Jane turned the tables on Julie by joining first in 1994, and Julie followed in 2002. They raised their daughter in First Church (as long as she would tolerate into her high school years). Early on, Jane had fun being a “secret friend” with congregational youth. She has served on the Library Cart, Personnel, and Pulpit Guest Committees. She is currently on the Membership and Irma Morter Lecture Committees, and finds committee work to be informative and meaningful. She also sings in the Chancel Choir and enjoys Circle Suppers. Jane retired three years ago from the U.S. Forest Service where she was a forestry technician, wildlife biologist, public affairs specialist, and media spokesperson for agency leaders. Jane is grateful to be part of a spiritual community that helps in her quest for living a life of integrity and learning, and making a difference in the world.

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