As we prioritize the health and well-being of our community, worship services and children’s religious education continue online. In-person programs and gatherings are suspended until the public health crisis lifts. See "Featured News" for more details.

Jane Peterson

Jane Peterson

Board Member

(Term expires 2021)

Jane Peterson joined First Church 15 years ago with her partner Ellen Krueger. They were thrilled to find a welcoming, dogma-free church which encouraged them to grow spiritually and contribute to the community. Since then, Jane has served as an usher, Pastoral Care Associate, and PCA Coordinator, choir member, and Feast for Funds Committee member and Chairperson. Ellen and Jane host many Feast for Funds events and Jane enjoyed participating in Chalice Circles and Circle Suppers. She also volunteers at the Urban Ecology Center. In 2011, she retired from her position as the Health Officer of the North Shore Health Department. She spent most of her career in public health, which fulfilled her desire for public service and “fighting the good fight” in her work and life.

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