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Transformation Within Ourselves


By Julie Bock, President of the Congregation


[quote]Transformation literally means going beyond your form.[/quote] —Wayne Dyer

Throughout our lives, we continually grow, learn, and change. Moving from one pivotal time to another is part of the human condition. While disturbing, exciting, and perhaps anxiety-provoking, change is a normal and expected part of our lives.

Alexander Pope states, “The way of the Creative works through change and transformation so that each thing receives its true nature and destiny and comes into permanent accord with the Great Harmony: this is what furthers and what perseveres.” As a Humanist I tend to bristle with anything that smacks of predestination, and yet I still find resonance in Pope’s message of people getting what they need to further their growth and development.

Transformational experiences come in many forms: one person finds it through music, another uncovers the change in increased knowledge, and many find awakening through relationships with others in a greater community. Our spiritual community here at First Church incubates many of us, regardless of age, in deep and meaningful spiritual growth. Hearkening back to last month’s theme of risk, I believe that it is through risk that transformation occurs. The challenge for us is in forming meaningful and deep relationships within our community, in relationally facing challenges in our wider community, and in knowing ourselves more honestly and truly.

So, we find ourselves in this loving, joyful, and challenging community. We are called to be our best and most authentic selves, from within and without. We are beckoned to grow in ways we may not have imagined nor feel prepared to do and we may feel overwhelmed by the challenge in these uncertain times. But we are surrounded by LOVE; our friends, our congregation, and our larger spiritual community of Unitarian Universalism are surrounding us with the support to look within and to act with love and peacefulness towards others. By following our 7 principles we can usher in the transformation needed to change our world.


Julie Bock

President of the Congregation, 2016-2017


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