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Words on the Wind: Growing Deep


By the Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom


Time has a strange warp with place, pace, and memory. I can hardly believe how quickly our first year together has flown by. In one breath it seems like last week was years ago, and in another, it seems like I was just arriving to join you yesterday. Sometimes I feel the roots of my tree growing deep and twining low in this rich new soil, and sometimes I feel like a new plant swaying in the summer breeze. I am grateful for it both, as flexibility and depth each have generous teachings.

I will be resting and renewing in the month of July with vacation followed by study leave. I am grateful to the congregation for offering me this time to go deep and let go of the busy-ness so I can lean into contemplation, reflection, and spiritual renewal. I have found that both my mind and my heart need time and space to slow down and reconnect with the rhythms of love.

I know the tears in our great shared web of existence will be on my mind and my heart as I move to sync my own rhythm with the larger world. Moving in time with love and the world means sorrow and grief as well as joy. Terry Williams, Paula McEwan, Philando Castile, and their families are in my prayers this summer, as is the rest of our nation. I pray we will find our rhythm together as a people, and I pray it will be the rhythm of love to the beat of justice. I hope we never lose touch with that drum beat, never disconnect our souls from swaying with love of the whole. I hope all of you have a chance to get in on that great dance this summer, dear ones. I will see you again in August.

With love,


First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee  is a home for spiritual community, social justice, and intellectual freedom, active in Milwaukee since 1842. Unitarian Universalism is an inclusive denomination; core principles include recognition of the worth and dignity of every person; respect for the interdependent web of existence; and the goal of world peace, liberty and justice.

Jennifer Nordstrom, Senior Minister

The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom is First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee’s Senior Minister. Jennifer is primarily responsible for worship, mission, vision, leadership, prophetic witness, and congregational systems. She is also head of staff at First Church.

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