Leenhouts Gallery

The Leenhouts Gallery champions local emerging and established artists, particularly those whose work resonates with our Unitarian Universalist principles. The Gallery strives to build community through the visual arts and provides a space for exhibiting artwork that grapples with issues such as diversity, tolerance, and respect for the interdependent web of all existence.


Richard Dorbin

June 4-September 9

The Leenhouts Gallery Committee is pleased to present artist Richard Dorbin.

The exhibition of his work will be on display in the Common Room from June 4-September 9, 2017.

Artist Statement:

Having childhood roots in Santa Fe, NM during the 60’s and 70’s, Richard Dorbin’s artistic endeavors currently reflect those formative years.

Dorbin was a self-employed commercial photographer for 30 years in Maryland before moving to Milwaukee.

Richard hails from a liberal and artistic family.  Creativity was encouraged. The seeds of that encouragement are manifested here in the paintings and photographs on display at the Leenhouts gallery.

Richard’s passion for creating photographic portraits that have multiple layers of depth should be apparent in the portraits he has chosen to display.  From folks that are more “well known” to people that he has met on the streets, he tries to create a narrative.  He is also showing a few images from an on-going project in which he is photographing distinctive merchants in Milwaukee. (Note the image of Bronze Quinton and Will Fellows from Bronze Optical)

Richard’s paintings are a more recent endeavor.  He took up painting “en plein air” about 11 years ago. “Plein air” is French for painting out-doors with whatever the lighting and natural conditions allow.  He enjoys painting urban landscapes, motorcycles and vehicles of any kind.

We hope everyone enjoys the work on display.

Please direct any questions regarding the current exhibit or sales of the work to the church office or Alisha Koneazny at alisha.koneazny[at]atosmedical[dot]com or 414-617-7506.