As we prioritize the health and well-being of our community, worship services and children’s religious education continue online. In-person programs and gatherings are suspended until the public health crisis lifts. See "Featured News" for more details.

Welcome from the Ministers

Greetings from First Church Ministers, the Reverends Jennifer Nordstrom and Dena McPhetres:


Welcome and Come In! We are delighted you are visiting our website, the doorway into this Unitarian Universalist community. We welcome people of all genders, sexualities, ages, races, ethnicities, histories, and bodies here.

Welcome and Come Home! This congregation may be the home you never knew you had. Whether you are searching for a place to raise your children to discover their own truths or seeking spiritual growth for yourself, this may be the place for you. Whether you were raised in a religious tradition or are someone who never before affiliated with religion, this may be the place for you. Whether you know what you believe about life and death, suffering and healing, humanity and the spirit, or are seeking a way to find your beliefs, this may be the place for you.

This congregation is full of vibrant, thoughtful people who cherish each other and our free faith. This church welcomes people home to their own heart and soul, respects and stimulates people’s minds, and encourages people towards the integrity of bringing our beliefs and actions into harmony.

Our congregation is a connecting community where you will find support and caring; a seeking community where you will be able to learn and grow; a deepening community where you will be able to explore the central questions of your life; a justice-seeking community where you will be able to join with others to make a difference in the world. Here you will find a community of celebration, a community of exploration, a community of deep listening, and a community open to the power of transformation.

Welcome and come in, welcome and come home, we can’t wait to meet you and travel with you on life’s journey of faith and doubt, joy and sorrow, frustration and beauty, brokenness and healing.

Come visit us for Sunday Service. This may be the home you never knew you had.

-The Revs. Jennifer Nordstrom and Dena McPhetres