Pastoral Care Ministry

Life is hard sometimes. We experience sickness, job loss, broken hearts, and broken bodies. We want to support you through those difficult times.

Do you need a listening ear or a helping hand? We offer pastoral care for First Church members with varied needs.

Pastoral Care Associate – Services Available

We seek to support each other as we journey together through life’s mountains and valleys, through our personal and common sorrows and struggles. When you need a listening ear, because of:

  • a recent illness
  • an upcoming surgery
  • divorce
  • life transitions
  • job loss
  • death of a loved one

A Pastoral Care Associate is ready to be a gentle listener, if you choose. Contact Lynn Connolly, Pastoral Care Associate Coordinator.

Pastoral Care Associates currently serving:

Bob and Sue Austin
Lynn Connolly
Deborah Conta
Jean Groshek
Joan Hansen
Melinda Vernon
Kitty Willkomm

If you are interested in becoming a Pastoral Care Associate, you can find information here.

Pastoral Care Provider – Services Available

Volunteers are available to give rides or bring meals to other church members in need. When you need a helping hand, if:

  • you have a new baby and need a meal (or two or three)
  • you break your leg and need a ride to the doctor
  • you are coming home from the hospital and would appreciate a meal

A Pastoral Care Provider is ready to be helpful, if you choose. Contact Liz Irwin, Pastoral Care Provider Coordinator.

Become a Volunteer

First Church Members may volunteer as Pastoral Care Providers. Please contact Liz Irwin, if interested.