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Groups Directory

This is a directory of all First Church groups, from social and spiritually nurturing groups to teams that conduct the business of the church, with current contact information.

Whether engaging with Social Justice initiatives, serving on a church committee, volunteering at Sunday Services, or socializing with fellow members, there’s a group for just about every level of interest.

Have an idea for a new group? Please fill out the Member-Led Ministry Proposal Form and a staff person will respond to your application.

Group Name

Adult Spiritual Development programs here at First Unitarian Society help to provide information and support to challenge and inspire adult learners along their path.   Learn More

Black Lives Matter is a movement in response to a legacy of slavery, racism and oppression in the U.S. To say that “black lives matter” doesn’t mean that all lives don’t matter. But the systemic devaluing of Black lives calls us to bear witness at this time.   Learn More

Group offering resources for and discussion of becoming and staying involved in local, regional and national efforts to support Black Lives Matter movement.   Learn More

First Church is governed by a Board of Trustees which is responsible for managing the affairs and property of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee.   Learn More

The Book Discussion Group meets once a month on second Sundays from 1:00-3:00 p.m. This group has no “membership” requirement. We welcome readers at all or any discussion!   Learn More

First Church Book Sales occur in the Common Room each Sunday during Coffee Hour after church. Excellent books on liberal religious and non-religious subjects are for sale as a service to our members and friends.   Learn More

We are a group of interested First Church members who wished to explore Buddhist teachings and meditation. We focus on a study of the Buddhist teachings of the three major traditions, Theravada, Zen and Tibetan, as presented by leading western teachers.   Learn More

This team preserves, maintains, and improves the society’s physical facilities, coordinating volunteer assistance and professional contractors.   Learn More

Our choir is typically comprised of about 25 adults, with an expanded Holiday Choir that performs for Winter and Christmas services.   Learn More

Helps committees and groups secure quality child care for events and meetings.   Learn More

The Children’s RE Committee works with the Director of Religious Education to provide a quality religious education program for our children.   Learn More

Fosters activities and relationships that allow members 60 and older to live and age well, including a social potluck after the second service on the last Sunday of each month.   Learn More

Four times a year, Circle Suppers give groups of members the opportunity gather in each others homes for wonderful food and lively discussions. A wonderful opportunity to meet new people and get to know those folks you never get to talk to during Coffee Hour.   Learn More

Members meet monthly with ex-offenders or returning citizens to listen and offer support.   Learn More

Meets regularly with the Senior Minister, functioning as a sounding board, engaging in reflection on ministry and processing feed-back.   Learn More

First Church is a member of Common Ground, an organization of nonpartisan, proactive, everyday citizens dedicated to identifying pressing social problems facing our community and bringing about solutions together.   Learn More

Our democracy needs defense, nurturing and protection. Join us to learn about our power and responsibility as citizens as we work to counter voter suppression and achieve fair maps in Wisconsin.   Learn More

The Denominational Affairs Committee educates the congregation concerning the activities of the Unitarian Universalist Association and other denominational groups.   Learn More

We need Earth; Earth needs us. Let’s change our habits together for a livable future. Join us while we learn and take action for a sustainable lifestyle at church, work and home.   Learn More

Help organize First Church’s annual silent auction, usually held in the fall, where members bid on in-home feasts, events, one of a kind items, gift certificates, theme baskets, getaways, wine, and a 50-50 raffle.   Learn More

Oversees and monitors the church budget and other fiscal matters.   Learn More

A committee that organizes and promotes our excellent, long-running Sunday Morning Forum series.   Learn More

This committee selects, hangs, and administers sale of the art exhibits in the Leenhouts Common Room.   Learn More

Heritage Society recognizes those church members and friends who have committed themselves to include First Church in their wills and estate planning.   Learn More

This group collects, organizes, and maintains church historical records.   Learn More

We work to foster a deeper understanding of the immigrant experience by sharing information and providing opportunities for members to volunteer to support local and national agencies or organizations working on immigration reform.   Learn More

The IT Team maintains and improves our information technology.   Learn More

This committee identifies and trains new lay leaders.   Learn More

This team provides a welcoming atmosphere for both visitors and members and facilitates the integration of new members into the life of the church.   Learn More

Believing in the necessity of people taking responsibility for their communities and working together, Irma Morter made a bequest to First Church in support of a lecture series on topics related to “Individual Responsibility”.    Learn More

Recruits members to fill leadership positions within the church, in particular Board and Nominating Committee. Committee members are elected at the Annual Meeting in May.   Learn More

Facilitates the policies, job satisfaction, compensation and benefits of the church staff.   Learn More

The Pledge Team coordinates the yearly pledge drive campaign, which aims to engage our community on spiritual and practical levels.   Learn More

This team arranges for pulpit guests in the absence of the ministers.   Learn More

Scrip sales are held twice a year to offer our members and friends an opportunity to support First Church while making normal retail purchases.   Learn More

Since 2011, our Share the Plate program has provided an opportunity for church members to make contributions to important social programs that embody our Unitarian Universalist values in the wider community. Recipients are selected by our Share the Plate team from nominations submitted by our members.   Learn More

In our Shawl Ministry program at First Church, members meet monthly to make shawls and lap robes to give to other members as a symbol of the gentle, caring embrace of our community.   Learn More

Serves as an umbrella organization of lay leaders who engage our congregation in member-led ministries of service, learning and action, addressing many compelling and urgent justice needs in our city and the world, while building relationships in the community.   Learn More

Are you interested in taking time for a contemplative group experience? Do you yearn for a place where people listen deeply to what is said, without judgment, and hold you and your spirit as you talk?   Learn More

Provides organized silent retreats for members and friends of First Church, where attendees can reflect on where they are in life and where they are going.   Learn More

This council strives to instill a culture of generous giving within the congregation and educates people to the needs of First Church.   Learn More

Join your First Church members and friends who volunteer to make church run on Sundays!   Learn More

S.W.A.N.S. is a group which functions as a social and supportive community for single women of middle-age and beyond.   Learn More

These small groups gather to focus on the monthly worship theme, exploring guided questions, and spiritual exercises. Led by a trained facilitator, circle members engage deep questions of spirituality, with time for reflection and sharing.   Learn More

We gather to deepen our understanding of Unitarian Universalism and our continuing spiritual journeys through reading, discussion, exploring UU theology, and diverse spiritual paths.   Learn More

The purpose of UUUFDA is to provide fellowship for members and guests of First Church aged 40 and under.   Learn More

This group creates programs to empower women to work together, to work for equality in society, and to grow in friendship and understanding of Unitarian Universalism.   Learn More

This group helps develop programs for our high school aged youth.   Learn More