MyFirstChurch Member Portal (Interim Status)

Dear First Church Member Portal Users:

A new (better, brighter, more intuitive!) First Church Portal is in the works!

Unfortunately, in the transition, access to your login will not be available starting tonight, July 10, 2018.

We are committed to having member access back up by early August, and will send you an email with instructions on how log on with computer and/or smart phone.

Your personal information, the church calendar, the groups you participate in, and your contributions to the church will all be accessible to you, plus some additional features. We are excited how much easier it will be to find members, connect with groups, and learn more about First Church activities once this transition is complete.

If you need to update your personal information, please email Shari Wright . If you need to change or make a contribution, please email Lynne Jacoby .

Thank you for your patience,

The First Church Software Team
Lynne Jacoby
Lillian Schley
Shari Wright