Pledge Drive 2020: Weaving a Strong Future - Every Thread Counts

The fabric of life at First Church is made up of many threads of connection. As we weave shared visions for our communities, our faith, and our world, we know that every gift shared is a threat that makes us stronger.

Since our pledge drive is no supporting the operating costs of the church, the 2020 Pledge Team would like to close the gap this year by increasing our community’s pledge commitments by 15%. This is a huge leap, and we will all need one another to consider deeply what our own fair share contribution to this community is. To see a summary budget for our current year click here.

Can we generously support the vision of First Church as defined by our Ends? A community that embraces the work of authentic connections, even across difference, and people who want to fight injustice and better understand our own part in it. A church that hopes to create courageous welcome and promote our free faith, and our shared values as accessible and relevant to our world.

Please make your 2020/21 online pledge below.

What is a Pledge

A pledge is a promise to donate money to the church within a 12-month period. Like many non-profit organizations our volunteer Finance Committee begins our budgeting process for the following fiscal year in the Spring. They base the budget on the commitments we make in the annual pledge drive. A pledge is a non-binding promise for how each of us want to support our community throughout the coming year. If unexpected financial challenges come up for your family, you are free to change your pledge at any time.

What is a Fair Pledge?

We think of generosity as a spiritual practice at First Church, a practice that opens our hearts and expands our joy. So ultimately, any pledge amount that is meaningful for you is appropriate and very much appreciated. We are also a community that relies almost completely on our member’s gifts to exist. Taking into account what you can afford, and how much our community means to each individual, we ask our members to consider the Fair Share Chart below used by UU congregations who are pledge sustaining.

The UUA’s Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide
For Pledge Sustained Congregations

“Adjusted Income” refers to household monthly take-home
pay after taxes, minus extraordinary costs like childcare,
tuition, healthcare, parent support, etc.

If you are interested in automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) on the 15th of each month, please download and print the authorization form at the top of this page and contact Lynne Jacoby with questions. EFT Form

For help with any of our giving options, please contact Lynne Jacoby, Membership Development Coordinator, by phone at (414) 273-5257 x205 or by Email –