Forge Our Future Endowment

How are we doing?


  • Campaign Goal:  $3,000,000
  • Dollars pledged as of April 15, 2024: $2,819,434
  • Dollars contributed as of April 15, 2024: $1,465,693


Thank you to everyone who has helped us to Forge our Future!


What is the Forge Our Future Endowment?

Forge Our Future is our congregation’s initiative to create a principal-protected endowment intended for long-term investment.

Our annual pledges are our primary source of income to support essential church operations. Creating a principal-protected endowment enables us to diversify and increase our revenue streams to close the gap between annual operating income and annual operating expenses.

The endowment will also help fund expanded ministries and community connections. We have been dreaming for a long time of becoming a more multicultural, multiracial church that is a growing beacon of progressive values and an even more active collaborator for justice in the community.

We inherited this great gift of community because those who came before us invested in it. We live on their legacy. Now it’s our turn to invest in the future, laying the groundwork for those who will come after us.

If we support our church financially with both a robust annual pledge and the profits from a principle-protected endowment fund, we can grow our membership, ministry and outreach in order to build our presence in Milwaukee and increase our impact in the world.

How can you help?

Pledge to the principal-protected endowment fund here.

If you would like to talk to someone to learn more about the endowment click here.

Hear from our members.

Bob Balderson

Julie Bock and Matt Byrnes

Rod Botts

Laurel Brooks

Rollie Hanson

Tom Hester, on YouTube

Crysta Jarczynski

Rev. Drew Kennedy, Minister Emeritus on YouTube

Ben LeFort

Gordon Mueller

Ron Oshima and Kari Gunderson on YouTube

Tony and Amanda Panciera

Nancy Pajewski

Sarah Richards

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