Testimonial – Rollie Hanson


Rollie Hanson

I am Rollie Hanson and I have been a member of First church for 18 years. I joined First Church because I wanted a spiritual home and I felt that at FUSM. I have grown to love the community, ministers, my time with Children’s RE and the Youth. This is a sacred place of giving and receiving.

I am now working on the Forge Our Future campaign to create an Endowment Fund for the financial stability of First Church. I am reaching out to members of our congregation to discuss the campaign and I thank everyone who has already welcomed a visit from a member of the Steering Committee 

In my time at First Church, I have served as a Pastoral Care Associate, a member of the Children’s Religious Education Committee, a Worship Associate and I have taught every grade at one point or another in our Children’s Religious Education program. I am currently acting as a Youth Advisor and I am on my third year as a member of the Board of Trustees for First Church. 

All of these experiences have enriched my life and deepened my connections to our Religious Community. I believe in the First Church and it’s mission and that is why I support it with my time and financial support. I am hoping you have had similar experiences to mine and will consider making a pledge for our campaign. 

I decided to make my pledge after sitting down and speaking with a member of the Steering Committee about my time and experiences at First Church and what I feel is a worthy goal of our Forge the Future campaign. This is the largest pledge that I have made since I became a member of First Church. I did this because I want to see First Church build on what we already have and make sure we have the financial stability to make even more of a difference in the City of Milwaukee. I want to I leave a legacy to future members and generations, much like our Forebears did for us. 

I enjoyed the visit and discussion about the campaign. It was relaxed, fun, informative and encouraging. I had a great time connecting with another member of First Church and enjoyed our conversation. So when a friend calls you for a visit, please don’t hesitate to say yes.