feast for funds table

Feast for Funds

FEAST FOR FUNDS is our favorite community building fundraiser and a great opportunity offer your talents, creativity, skills and hosting flair up for bid! From a Viking Feast to a fireside marsh-mellow roast, from custom portraits to house concerts, members have fed, entertained and gathered First Church folks together throughout the year via auction items. 

WE NEED YOU! Your ideas and donations spark our auction. Have a favorite cuisine? Local activity? Talent? Find a friend and plan an event. Have a vacation home, or a favorite restaurant, wine, or business everyone at First Church should know about? We appreciatively accept these types of donations too! To donate please fill out a form below.

(Note: The form below has some drop-down fields that will appear once you check whether you’re planning to donate an item, an event, etc.. There, you can add more description of what you’d like do or donate, along with dates if known and location for an event, number of people who can participate, and an estimated value per person, to help fuel the bidding process!)