UUUFDA (Unitarian Universalists under Forty Doing Activities)

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Erik Islo and Angi Krueger



The purpose of UUUFDA (Unitarian Universalists under Forty Doing Activities) is to provide fellowship for members and guests of First Church aged 40 and under. Over the past year, we’ve held over a dozen social events attended by anywhere from 10 to 50 participants at a time.

Our work is purely social in nature and designed to provide fun outlets for our membership. We’ve seen many new friendships form and we’ve welcomed many new members to the group this year. Of particular success was our “Bring Your Friends to Church and Brunch Day,” an event designed to encourage our members to introduce new folks to church through the fellowship of UUUFDA. Several of these guest attendees are now attending First Church as guests, and we hope to encourage them to become members.

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