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First Church shares 50% of all non-pledge cash in the offering plate with a worthy non-profit organization that embodies our Unitarian Universalist values in the wider community. Recipients are selected by our Share the Plate team from nominations submitted by our members.

Children are welcome to donate to Share the Plate, too. Talk with your family about this month’s recipient and how even small contributions can make a big difference! Look for the Golden Collection Box at the Social Justice table during Coffee Hour.

Nomination Criteria

Please review the following criteria before nominating an organization to be considered as a recipient of funds raised through the First Unitarian Society’s (“First Church”) Share the Plate program.

The organization:

  • aligns with our UU principles and values and with our First Church mission.
  • has wide appeal.
  • provides services predominantly in the Milwaukee metro area.
  • is non-profit, usually with 501(c)(3) status.
  • has a track record and verifiable history of performance.
  • uses a high percentage of its budget for programming (80% or more preferred).
  • addresses issues identified as important by the congregation:
    • Daily needs
    • Education
    • Health
    • Environment
    • Civil rights
    • The Arts

Note that the Share the Plate Committee is particularly interested in organizations that provide direct services to those in need.

We also request that a representative from the organization be available during the Coffee Hours on the first Sunday of the month in which the organization is a Share the Plate recipient.

past recipients

Click here for a complete list of Share the Plate recipients since the program began in January 2011.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I contribute cash to Share the Plate? Yes, all cash not designated as a pledge payment is divided 50-50 between the recipient organization and the church.
  • If I write a check to the recipient, will that amount be subtracted from their share of the 50-50 split?No, checks written directly to the recipient are sent there at the end of the month.
  • How does it work when children or youth select the Share the Plate recipient? The Youth Steering Committee selects the recipient for the month of their annual Youth Service, usually February or March. Children vote during Sunday School to choose the recipient for the month of May.
  • Why are children and youth invited to choose a recipient? We believe that every person should have a vote about the things that concern them.
  • Who selected the organizations from which the children choose? The Children’s Religious Education Committee. Parents and guardians, talk with your kids about the organizations so they make an enthusiastic choice!

to submit your request for a share the plate recipient fill out our form: 

Share the Plate Nomination Form

Please read this form carefully and fill it out completely. Nominations without proper documentation cannot be considered.

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