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Did you know that on the last Sunday of each month, right after the second service ends, a group of incredibly scintillating, attractive and intelligent people meet in Max Otto Hall for a potluck get-together?

And did you know that this group is made up of people who have reached a level of maturity that makes us gifts to the wider world?

Well, we are The Chronologically Gifted, and if some or all of those adjectives describe you, why don’t you join us after second service for lunch.

Chronologically Gifted Group

We won’t make you cook if you don’t want to — just bring something to pass, homemade or otherwise, and we’ll continue what’s becoming an event to anticipate each month.

We’ll let you decide if you are “chronologically gifted.”

For more information, contact Patricia McFarland or Barbara Collignon.


Overall, our group purpose is to foster activities and relationships that allow members age 60 and older to live and age well by offering meaningful, creative, healthy engagement through the arts, education, relationship building, mutual support and fun!

How do you know if you are Chronologically Gifted? TCG describes a cohort of people who are often referred to as having been around the block, seen it all (or at least most of it), golden agers, geezers, older adults, silver surfers, boomers, or, my personal preference, a classic model.

However you define yourself, and even if you prefer not to define yourself at all, you will be more than welcome at our events.

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