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By Cesar Cornier, Social Justice Coordinator.

As we welcome a new year and transition out of this decade, we are faced with the realization of change. Regardless of how ready we may think we are, time continues to lead us in the present with every second leading into the next. Time humbles us, reminding us not only of the past but the current pace of life. In embracing the New Year, many often look to the future and create goals to make positive changes for themselves and others around them. I’m sure we are all familiar with that campaign where we convince ourselves, this is the year! The year of growth, the year of unmatched success, the year we become the best version of ourselves.

Although our attempts to revitalize our lives come from good intentions, it is sometimes those exact intentions that may keep us held back. Having goals is great, but so is knowing that imperfection is a crucial part of life and development.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day later this month, I reflect on the work of the many advocates who came before me. I think not only of the successes of these great people, but also their obstacles. I think about the events that didn’t go as planned, the times when hate tried to interrupt the process of peace. What made these people great was not the lack of adversaries or defeats they had, but how they gracefully stayed on the path of justice with resilience. Their hope overcame hate, their dreams defeated despair. In this present time, we are still seeing division and confusion amongst one another.

I ask that we take 20/20 vision into 2020, not only looking at the community but within ourselves for hope. Having a clear focus does not mean ignoring the obstacles, but rather making sure we are aware of all our surroundings. With energy and room to grow amongst ourselves we will be the best version for ourselves, and for our community that needs us.

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