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2022 Congregational Survey Results

First of all, thank you all who gave of your time to fill out the survey! We had a similar level of response to our 2022 survey as we had in the 2018 and 2020 surveys. Here’s a brief summary of the results.

There is still room for us to educate and familiarize ourselves with our Ends Statements. Overall, members do not feel that we are doing as well accomplishing our Ends in the 2022 survey as they did in the 2020 survey. However, we are still doing better than we did in the first survey in 2018.

This is not surprising as the survey was taken in February 2022 at the end of nearly two years without in-person services. But it points to the fact that we have much work to do to re-engage and reconnect with what we love most about First Church.

There have been some shifts in the demographics of survey respondents, most notably a trend toward higher ages and more families with older kids at home.

Feel free to check out more details on the survey results in this Overview and the accompanying Data Charts.

Ben LeFort, Pat Geenen, and George Bledsoe
Board of Trustees

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