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Social Justice

Addressing Climate Change & Equity

Action in our city, in Wisconsin, and our nation is happening! You can participate. You can make a difference. Let’s move from despair to hope through action!

In Milwaukee, our Earth Justice Ministry is a supporting member of MECA, the Milwaukee Equity and Climate Alliance. MECA has pushed our Common Council (City of Milwaukee) and Milwaukee County Board to adopt a resolution to cut greenhouse gas emissions 45% by 2030 and simultaneously address racial and economic inequities. A task force will make specific recommendations. The City County Task Force on Climate and Economic Equity is forming nine work groups, and you can sign up to be on one (or more) on the City’s website: Here you can also read the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory report which shows where Milwaukee’s GHG emissions are coming from and therefore where to take action to cut them. You can also read the Task Force’s Preliminary Report published last March.

In our state, the task force appointed by Governor Evers to address climate change and equity recommends 55 actions in nine sectors and three policy pathways (executive action, state budget and legislative action.) You can read the report here: The very first recommendation is to create an Office of Environmental Justice. The actions include a strong environmental justice focus throughout.

The national action has started only in the form that many of President-elect Biden’s picks for climate-related posts give us great hope. Congress will need to be pushed to act.

Action, particularly at the state and local level, will face tough budgetary circumstances because of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. So your involvement, to voice your opinions to elected officials to address climate action with equity, can make a difference.

Bruce Wiggins, Earth Justice Ministry Chair

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